Herb Drier

SIKRI Herbs Drier is a Benchtop Processing Machine, specially designed for small business purpose. The capacity is 3 nos. Stainless steel trays. Fresh herbs are placed on the trays, and mildly hot air is circulated in the chamber. This causes the water in the herbs to evaporate, and the dried herbs can be further processed and mixed for presentation as a health drink in tea bags.
The tray size is 355mm X 330mm.

Technical Details
1. Over All Dimension
584.2mm L X 431.8mm W X 431.8mm H
2. Inner Chamber Size
355.6mm L X 330.2mm W X 330.2mm H
3. Tray Size
3 nos. Stainless steel trays 370 mm X 310 mm size.
4. Insulation
Oven contains double chamber with glass wool filled inside.
5. Heating Elements
2 Elements of 1 kw each.
6. Thermal Cut Off
'Elcon' make ISI standard Thermal Cut Off provided.
7. Electric Load
2 KW
8. Bulb
Bulb has been provide for viewing inside the drier.
9. Feeding & Collection
Through front door.
Capacity: 3 nos. Stainless steel trays 355.6mm X 330.2mm size.
Price: US$ 500.00
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