Shrink Tunnel - BS 200

Shrink packaging is one of the popular group packaging methods currently in the international market.

The process is by enveloping special shrink film over the products or packages, then applying heat to make the film shrink to fit tightly over the products or packages.

The advantage is to fully show the appearance of goods, increase the display quality of goods, and improve the looks & value. Simultaneously, the packaged goods have the additional functionality of tamper-proof damp proof, and anti-pollution sealing. The shrink film has some impact absorption, therefore it can protects against outer impact.


Specially for packaged herbal tea bags, this kind of packaging method can protect them from absorbing atmospheric humidity and retaining freshness and aroma. Additionally, it prevents unauthorized unpacking or pilferage of the goods. Therefore this method can be widely used in the packaging of tea bags in secondary cartons of 10 / 25 / 50 / 100.

Our infrared shrink packing machine is the latest light-duty auto shrink packaging equipment, which adopts quartz infrared tube technology to generate heat, saving more than 15% power.

The shrinking temperature and the rotation speed of electronic motor are steady and adjustable in a wide range; the originally created roller auto rotation device is designed for continuous operation.

This product has many features such as advanced design, steady and reliable performance, high energy efficiency, good shrink effect, a fresh and attractive structure, convenient operation and service.

It is useful for any type of shrink packaging with a variety of shrink films.



Max power
Max package dimensions
Transmission mode
Transmission speed
Tunnel Size
BS- 200
50HZ - 60 HZ
length x width x height
(300 x 150 x 150)
chain 0~10m/min 5kg. 830 x 200 x 200
  $ 800.00


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